Country of Origin: England

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

Hailing from the very same English county in which the original Cheddar was first developed, it should be no great surprise that Applewood has fast become a household name, and one of our most popular products.

Applewood cheddar is a classic English cheddar, semi-firm with a somewhat dense consistency and a buttery mouthfeel. Each wheel is flavoured with the addition of liquid smoke, which imparts a full-bodied savoury, pleasantly “meaty” flavour that lacks the burnt tasting notes characteristic of wood fire smoked foods. As such Applewood Smoked Cheddar is an excellent option for anybody who wishes to enjoy a more smooth, mellow expression of a smoky flavour without any bitter or woody aspects.

Applewood Cheddar has a very favourable melt, and the smoky flavour makes for a truly delectable pairing with grilled meats. Grate or crumble this cheese on top of a burger or hot dog at your next cook out, and savour the complex mingling of the smoked cheese flavour with the natural smoke character from you grill.

As far as other pairings with this cheese: think Southern BBQ flavours. Sweet, smokey flavours like molasses and maple, and salty, savoury treats like bacon, pulled pork, and corn on the cob pair easily and naturally; while bright, acidic flavours like a vinegary coleslaw, derky’s sauce, or sauerkraut will accent and contrast, to tease out the fruity top notes of the cheddar and complexity of the added smoke flavouring. For an absolute treat: grate some Applewood Cheddar overtop a bowl of grits with crumbled bacon and green onions, or mix some into the dough of your favourite biscuit recipe.