Country of Origin: USA

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

Another sumptuous blue-veined cheese from Roth, who describe their cheese as “Swiss-inspired, Wisconsin-made”, this semi-firm blue cheese is made from pasteurized Cow’s milk, and smoked over fruit wood. The base cheese is richly tangy, with an earthy but mellow character, and a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. The addition of woodsmoke imparts a mouth-watering flavour—savoury, meaty, and decidedly aromatic.

Blue cheeses are, of course, considered to be especially suited to pairing with red meats—especially anything grilled—but the presence of a smokey, subtly gamey, tantalizingly woody flavour elevates this already harmonious combination to a new level. Serve alongside roasted vegetables, especially mushrooms, red peppers, and aspargus; corn bread or biscuits. Crumble over your grilled meats, and marinade with molasses or maple syrup to emphasize the complex smoky-sweetness. Pair with a porter or stout, or a Merlot wine.