A wide variety of cheeses are made with the addition of beer, to affect the ripening process of the cheese, or impart flavour. In the former case: the outside of the cheese is usually washed, scrubbed, or brushed with beer to encourage microbial action on the surface, and to foster the development of a rind. This style of cheese tends to be referred to as “washed-rind cheeses”, rather than “beer cheeses”—even though beer in an important ingredient in their manufacture. The latter variety of cheeses, which are more frequently referred to as “beer cheese” are made with the addition of beer as a flavouring agent, rather than for its ferment-friendly properties. The bittersweet profile of malted sugars, as well as the complex fruity character of common beer additives such as fruit and hops, make for a natural pairing with the round-tasting umami flavour of cheese.