Country of Origin: Italy

Milk-type: Pasteurized Cow’s milk

Originally designed to sell to markets outside of Italy, as a alternative version of Gorgonzola, with a less pungent ‘blue’ flavour and milder aroma—Dolce Latte is now a popular blue cheese in its own right. The name ‘Dolce Latte’ (which translates literally to “sweet milk”) is a fairly accurate description of the cheese; with a milk fat content roughly fifty percent higher than that of traditional Gorgonzola cheese, this blue cheese has a naturally rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavour, not unlike freshly-whipped cream.

Because of its comparatively more mellow, sweeter flavour profile than that of usual Gorgonzola cheese—Dolce Latte is an excellent option for anybody looking for the unique and distinctive flavour of a blue cheese, without too much pungency or “funky” flavour. Dolce Latte pairs wonderfully with a variety of other sweet flavours, especially pear or melon, cherry, pastries, almond or lemon cream, and dark chocolate.

This cheese is a superb option for pizza recipes that call for the use of blue cheese, whether the other toppings are sweet, like poached pear and nuts, or savoury, like prosciutto and arugula, the complex—somewhat sweet, somewhat yeasty, somewhat spicy—character of Dolce Latte cheese is sure to impress.